1.  find some old coins (i used dollar yens from japan).coins.JPG

2.  super glue them onto cufflink backings (i bought mine from arton beads on queen street, in toronto).


3.  to present them, i sewed buttonholes onto some scraps and then cufflink-ed them.


4.  a little box, and then ta-da.

if you are reading this now and receive a pair from me one day, act surprised.  humour me.


13 responses to “Cufflinks

  1. Kevin Houghton

    Thank you for the information on how to make your own cufflinks. Any other ideas other than the coins? Also, I can’t seem to find a place in the US that sells just the backs of the cufflinks. Any assistance you may lend will be greatly appriciated.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Best regards,

    Kevin Houghton
    2 Marine View Plaza, 23-D
    Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

  2. Marianne

    Hi Kevin,
    You could try Metalliferous on 46th st. in Manhattan. I’m almost positive I have bought them there before. Hope that helps!


  3. Kcin Andrex

    I want to make cuff links out of coins without gluing the coin itself to the cuff link. I would prefer to put it into some type of holder then glue the holder to the cuff link backing, thus preserving the coin. Any suggestions? I’ve tried metal cover button holders, but can’t seem to find the right size.



  4. Mark Ford


    For the backs of the cufflinks, the keywords “cufflink swivels” or “cufflink backings” produced several good hits.

    You might find this site helpful:


    — Mark

  5. Hi,

    For coin cufflinks, you might find of interest. Many of the coins are out of circulation of mint coins.


  6. Kevin,
    You’re looking for coin bezel cufflinks.

  7. Jaimie

    The bezel is an adjustable housing that holds the coin in place WITHOUT GLUE or harm to your coins. There are plenty of websites that carry this sort of thing…one you might want to check out is:

  8. If a well written and new post becomes available or if perhaps any changes occur on the website, I would be into in reading a bunch more and finding out how to make great usage of those methods you discuss. josh powell

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  10. Thanks for your time for composing “Cufflinks
    | curiously crafty.”. I reallymay absolutely be back again for far more browsing and commenting here in the near future.

    Thank you, Layne

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  12. Hey really nice idea, your very own cufflinks .

    Thanks, Rezepte Papst from Germany

  13. Wow! So beautiful 🙂

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