aah, fuzzy goodness. 


here’s the lowdown on the how-to:

find yourself some wool roving in any glorious colour.


tear off a piece and stretch the fibres apart.  * make it a good size chunk.  these babies turn out a lot smaller than you expect. 


now roll it up into a ball, and start stabbing it with a felting needle.  stab all the way through, or else you’ll end up with a hollow ball in the end (unless that’s what you want).


keep stabbing away until you have a dense ball that doesn’t give too much when you squeeze it.  and try to keep your other fingers out of the way or else it’s jab-city.

this is the way we wash the felt, wash the felt, wash the felt…felted5.JPG

*felting occurs because of 1) heat 2) friction 3) soap, and a combination of all three makes it happen even faster.

lined up like sitting ducks… 


all dry and fuzzy:


find an appropriate container.



5 responses to “Felting

  1. Kiki

    That’s awesome! :]

  2. cathy g

    Hi CC,
    we are looking at a weaving project for our summer reading program next year. There was a cute one online using wool roving that the kids dye in koolaid. Do you know of a good source for inexpensive roving, doesn’t have to be primo quality for the craft, but clean at least.
    Thanks for your time
    cathy g

  3. Lynne

    I love these little balls and fancy making some bu sorry to sound really thick – but what is “roving”.

  4. Thomas Marrow

    This is great! I was interested in felting, but I couldn’t find a simple how-to for beginning! Thanks to your pictures, I just realized I have a -lot- of roving that I got in a lot of yarn from the thrift store. Thanks so much! (hcr8on@hotmail.com)

  5. kari flick

    That is great!! your pictures are wonderful! Hope to get my grandys doing some soon! God Bless!

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