making your own hat is so satisfying, you’ll wonder why you never made one before.  easy as pie!

Creative Commons License



  • 1/2 yard hat fabric
  • 1/2 yard lining fabric
  • 1/4 yard fusible interfacing
  • button
  • sewing machine/needle & thread
  • (optional) ham for pressing ham.JPG


1.  lay out the pattern pieces


2. pin the pattern pieces to your fabric


3. cut out all the pieces (in hat & lining fabric) and interfacing


4. on the side pieces, mark the edge closest to the front pieces (this edge is longer and helps with the shape of the hat)


5. fuse interfacing to the peak pieces


6. with right sides together, sew the back pieces together at 1/2″


7. with right sides together,  sew the front pieces together at 1/2″. then sew the side pieces to the front piece


8. press the seams open now (it will be harder to press later, when the hat is assembled)


9.  sew the back piece to the sides


at this point, you can trim some of the bulk off the top.

10. repeat steps 6-9 for the lining fabric.

11. with right sides together, sew the peak pieces together at 1/4″


turn the peak right side out and press it flat.

12. you should now have 3 pieces that look like this


13. (optional) topstitch the peak at 1/4″ for decoration.

14. with right sides together, pin the peak to the hat


15. lay the hat and peak into the lining (which is inside out)


16. beginning at centre back, sew the hat to the lining at 1/4″, leaving a 2-3″ gap


17. turn the hat right side out


18. press the edge of the hat flat


(please excuse the dirty laundry in the background)

19. blindstitch or machine stitch the opening closed.

20. attach a button to the top of the hat, sewing through both hat & lining (so that the lining doesn’t fall down)


21. ooooh mug2.JPG

* another way of finishing the hat is to leave the raw edges of the hat and lining exposed


and stitch a grosgrain ribbon over them.



159 responses to “millinery

  1. Leandra

    Is there a pattern or did you use a specific pattern otherwise it makes this millinery piece a bit hard to reproduce.

  2. the finished hat looks gorgeous, thank you for sharing this tutorial! how did you go about sizing, is there some math about about it?

  3. steph hung

    hey ladies! yep i used a pattern which makes a hat to fit a head with a 22.5″ circumference (the most common). the seams could definitely be adjusted to accomodate a bigger/smaller noggin.

  4. Mia

    What a great tutorial. Have linked to this post from my site.

  5. I’ve made caps very similar to this one, with a larger brim; mine are a little smaller cap, as in baseball cap. See my website,, and my blog, for photos. It does look good in stripes, and they’re fun to manipulate. LOTS of things you can do with this hat!

  6. Lisa

    great idea – very cute hat – is there a pattern you used? or do you suggest just winging it from the picture?

  7. Cristina

    This looks fab! I would love to buy this pattern… can you tell us where we can get it?

  8. i love that hat!!! my church is/has been doing chemo hats for our local hospital; which many of us are doing; also my sister-in-law is going through chemo and i am doing hats for her. Where could I get that pattern! Thanks so much!!!

  9. Just found this tutorial via Tania. Wonderful. Thank you!

  10. Caya

    It is possible to draft a pattern yourself if you have a little patience. Measure the circumferance of your head just above the ears, where the hat would end. Add maybe half an inch or 1/4 inch for fabric bulk. Measure from your circumferance line up to the top center of your head, where the top of the hat would be. Add about half an inch or 1/4 inch for fabric bulk. Then you take your paper, and draw a vertical line that is as long as the second measurement. Take the first measurement, and divide it by the number of sections, looks like six here. Take that section number and draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the first line on your paper. Then start at the top and draw a shape like in the picture, on one side. All around the outside, draw your seam allowance. Cut the thing out and fold it in middle, and cut the outside edge to make both halves the same. Then copy the other sections from it. Tape it together with tape and see if it fits- if it doesn’t, start over and keep trying. You can use an old sheet from the thrift store or something to draft this up too if you want. When you get the cap right, draw yourself a bill, adjust as necessary, and there you go. Remember if you have it too big, you can add a couple inches of elastic in the back inside, stitch it down. If you have it too small, you can give it to a child. 🙂

  11. Caya

    Don’t forget to make one out of some adorable fabric and add animal ears and a wee little nose and eyes 🙂

  12. Caya

    Oh wow, then I see at the top that the pattern is RIGHT THERE- Duh- LOL

  13. Divabunny

    That looks fantastic! I love it. Thank You for posting the pattern, you rock! It’s actually just what I needed, my sister will be getting one for Christmas. Thanks Again!

  14. Very cute … nicely done!


  15. i love it. this is great for “i want to hide my terrible hair” days. thanxs so much for sharing.

  16. claire

    I’ve always wanted to make hats but there aren’t really any milinery schools in South Africa. Thanks for the pattern!

  17. Just finished making a hat from your pattern. Put it up on flickr with some comments. This is the BEST hat pattern ever. The fine detailing by shaping the crown pieces is brilliant.

    Curiously Crafty Hat

    Will get an article about it on my blog too. Thanks so much and so glad a friend wisted your hat.

  18. I am definitely trying this. Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  19. I just made it too!
    Cool pattern!

  20. cdan

    Probably a stupid question, but I really don’t understand how the brim is attached… Did you turn the hat inside out again when you put it against the lining?Did you pull the brim through the gap you left?

  21. Sarah

    Sew the pieces crown pieces all together, after that sew all of your brim pieces separately, make a small notch
    in the center of the brim so that you will know theat the center front of the brim should match to the front center seam of the hat sew the brim raw edge to raw edge of the crown and then sew in your lining. I hope this helps!

  22. This hat is awesome! I’ve been making welding hats for my husband and have been wanting to make myself (a feminine) hat. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I’ll have to give this a try!

  23. Great hat! I put a link to it from my blog so that I will remember to make one! 😛

  24. sharon

    Hi, I have decorated an ordinary ladies straw hat to look Victorian. Thing is i need to line it now but not sure as to how to do this. I did think of a piece of material circle shape and then over lap it inside to fit and to sew at the top to keep it in place. Hope you can help ?? Sharon , Horsham, uk.

  25. meg

    I made this using felt with fabric as the lining, and i added earflaps and bear ears on top

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  27. This is a great tute! I’m so in love with this hat pattern, and I admit i’m usually not the hat-wearing type! Just a question, any tips on resizing the pattern? I think it’d be really cute for my 2 year-old son aswell!

  28. My dd will definitely want one of these. Thanks

  29. Kiki

    That is so cute. You did an awesome job! :]

  30. eva

    I was looking for instructions on how to make a HAT; was disappointed to only see instructions on how to make a cap.

  31. Lauren

    Thanks for the awesome pattern and instructions! I just got around to making one, and it turned out really nice.

  32. Kate

    I think I printed it wrong and just want to check, as mine came out 4.5 inches, which I think makes it 21 inches finished size. What are the flat edges of the hat pieces supposed to measure?

  33. Katie

    I made one and couldn’t believe how easy it was and how cute it turned out! Thanks!!

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  36. I just made one of these and I absolutely love it! Thanks so much for the pattern and instructions! I made a couple of modifications to suit my needs and I posted it on my blog 🙂

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  42. Patricia

    Tks for your nice explanation , very nice of you to share pictures and step-by-step. Do you happen to have a sun hat pattern? I’m trying to make me something to cover the sun out of my face during summer since my face is full of bad sun marks. Hugs and congratulations again!

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  46. chris

    where do i find out what the abreviations mean and which way I should lay my fabric to cut it? can you help?

  47. Kiki

    CF = center front
    CB = center back

    Lay out with the flat parts of the upper pieces either with or cross grain (perpendicular or parallel to the selvege). For the brim (peak) draw a line between the little hash marks in the middle. This will be your grain line for that piece.

    Good luck!

  48. This is wonderful – thank you for posting such detailed instructions and photos. I’m also making hats and have been trying to wrap my head around a problem: making them adjustable and lined. Aside from ‘hiding’ the elastic (at the back) with grosgrain ribbon, do you (or anyone) have any suggestions? Cheers 🙂

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  50. Thank you for your pattern and great instructions, I just made your cap from leftover cotton fabric I had made a dress from and it came awesome!!! I even added a matching fabric covered button. Very cool.
    Thanks again for rock

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  56. This is so cute! I’m definitely going to make one. Thanks! 🙂

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  61. I can’t remember exactly how I came across this site–I believe I was researching hats and looking for patterns online–but I think you have some great crafty inspirations here. Why only the four? Do you have anything else to share? The way you explain your processes is very effective.


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  64. Kay and Syd

    I Love this hat pattern!! I made on in 15 mins. It was so great. My daughter loves it so that she asked me to make one for her and so did my sister. I used 2 fat quaters and left the button off so the hat can be reversed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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  69. Catharine

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    I’ve made 3 of these so far. This last one? Modifying it with button on earflaps. Flannel lining. This pattern is wonderful.

  73. Hi I am desperately looking for some instructions on how to attach netting to a pillbox hat. I am really excited about the finished product but I just cant find any instructions on how to go about it. 🙂
    Any ideas Anna

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  79. awesome, i just finished mine, and it looks so cute…
    thanks from mexico.

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  86. aitken

    i saw a woman wearing a hat like that today and it looked so cool on her. i was thinking on sewing one for myself and googled until i found your site. i’m going to make that hat! thanks a lot, you made my day!

  87. I made a few of these hats for my aunt who is going through breast cancer chemo for the second time. She wore one of the hats to a wig shop today and the shopkeeper loved it. The owner asked if I would make them to sell in her shop.
    I saw your creative commons license, so I knew I had to ask you first. I would like to pay you for the use of your pattern so I may do this.
    Please contact me soon at your convenience so I can let them know. Thanks ever so much!

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    Help, I need a pattern for a cowboy hat to fit a beanie baby! Maybe a little bit larger. I want to make it out of leather fabric. I do not know howto make the hat part I cannot figure out how to make a top hat or the shape to make the bream. If anyone has a pattern please help. I need it by Sat. Jan. 22 must have it complete by Sunday. This is for a school project. Mole Day. Thank You Ginger

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  101. Meagan Wylie

    Hi! Thanks for sharing such a fun pattern! I realize it has been a while since you posted this, but I have a question and fingers crossed you will get back to me. It’s my very first hat project, so forgive me 🙂

    When I cut out the two pattern pieces for each section (front, back sides), do I first fold my fabric in half, then trace and cut out the pieces? So essentially, when the right sides of the front pieces are facing each other for sewing, the center marks and longer edges will be lined up? Or do I lay out my fabric then trace and cut the two pieces individually?

    I hope my description makes sense! Thank you so very much!

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  129. Donna

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    Принято считать, что первым вебсайтом был и появился он в 1990 году. Создателем страницы именуется Тим Бернерс-Ли (Tim Berners-Lee) и первое, что было опубликовано на той странице – это описание принципа работы World Extensive Net, протокола HTTP и языка HTML. Впоследствии этот сайт был превращен в каталог и на сегодняшний день он используется, как музейная страница.
    Как известно, каждый веб-сайт имеет свое уникальное имя. Нельзя, допустим, набрать адрес и попасть на два разных сайта – каждый ресурс имеет уникальный адрес и даже, если адреса внешне схожи, то различие в них скрывается в последнем разделе (после точки) – data, com, internet, biz, ru и т.д. Дабы не морочить читателю голову занудными объяснениями из разряда, что такое DNS, gTLD, ccTLD, идентефикация областей и т.п. мы проиллюстрируем структуру имени сайта на простом примере самого популярного сайта в Интеренете под названием wikipedia.

    Существует три вида SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING – белый, серый и черный. Деление на такие группы весьма условно, но оно есть – во всяком случае, в специализированных статьях часто упоминаются именно эти три термина.Различие между ними настолько размыто, что на современном этапе, практически одни и те же действия, только слегка отличающиеся друг от друга, могут привести к тому, что сайт будет забанен поисковиком или же, наоборот, получит дополнительный трафик.
    Таким образом получается, что оригинальный контент это не только залог успеха для владельца определенного сайта, но и источник постоянного дохода, для тех, кто имеет склонность к написанию статей, обзоров и прочих текстовых материалов на определенную тему. В этой небольшой статье, мы рассмотрим такое явление, как WEBSITE POSITIONING-копирайтинг и дадим практические рекомендации для тех, кто желает посвятить свое время этой увлекательной работе, а эта работа – если подойти к ней серьезно – вполне может стать альтернативой основной специальности, какая бы она не была. Но обо всем по порядку.

    В данной статье мы разберем один из фильтров поисковой системы Яндекс называемый АГС. По имеющейся информации этот фильтр имеет две модификации, причем это официально подтверждено администрацией Яндекса – фильтры именуются АГС-17 и АГС-30. Хронологически 17-й АГС появился раньше 30-го и на сегодняшний момент фильтрацией некачественных, по мнению Яндекса, сайтов занят именно 30-й номер (более совершенный с точки зрения алгоритма).
    продвижение сайтов быстро: см пост на

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